Finding property insurance for remote pubs and hotels can be difficult. They present a challenge to underwriters due to both their construction and occupancy. Think of any regional pub you have frequented. The beating heart of it’s local community providing full kitchen facilities with deep fat frying, keeping the drinks ice cold with an EPS cold room. Patrons having a smoke nearby or on the veranda. This all adds to the potential fire risk but here at AU we have a solution.

Australia boasts some of the best Wineries in the world but again they can be difficult to place due to the inherent risk. Usually, relatively remote operations, fire fighting services will be far away. Temperatures need to be controlled as part of the production processes so EPS is commonly used throughout the buildings. We can deliver a solution and provide affordable protection even for risks that undertake hospitality on site.


  • Access to Qualified Risk Management professionals
  • Access to expert underwriters backed up by the strength and capability of Lloyds of London
  • We are open-minded with an appetite to underwrite any risk.
  • Catastrophe capacity in peak catastrophe zones.
  • An empowered team with a strong emphasis on service.

Key Information

  • Minimum premium $10k++
  • Declared Values generally up to $10m
  • Wineries only considered where production is predominant turnover of location.
  • Surveys essential
  • Lead or follow lines considered
  • Mark IV Industrial Special Risks Wording

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