The typical Australian season brings between nine and 13 cyclones, with strong winds, heavy rains and flying debris bringing with them a high likelihood of property damage. The areas most at risk are northern Queensland, northern Western Australia and the Northern Territory.

Climate change is warming the oceans, which in turn adds fuel to the power and intensity of cyclones. This is restricting access to cover for many commercial businesses. We’re able to provide underwriting solutions by using the latest risk modelling tools, delivering objective, quantifiable, and actionable insights.


  • Access to Qualified Risk Management professionals
  • Access to expert underwriters backed up by the strength and capability of Lloyds of London
  • We are open-minded with an appetite to underwrite any risk.
  • Catastrophe capacity in peak catastrophe zones.
  • An empowered team with a strong emphasis on service.

Key Information

  • Minimum Premium start at $100k Net +++
  • Islands considered
  • Surveys preferred but not essential

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